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Dec 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
train just rattling along the heading out of california, my first date for the center of oregon and all i'm hearing from that fat little man who bubbles with fine political advice and fumes about my enemies is the press boys are going wild with this thing. i can feel my eyes glancing at the headline in the left-wing smeared sheet the new york post, secret ridge man's trust fund keep nixon in style far beyond his salary, that was one bastard of a headline. that in many ways is the point at which the crisis is instigated. i am trying to get into the mindset of richard nixon and tell the story in part through his eyes and his own experience and to a certain extent being for the guy who is having a nervous breakdown and career killing moment in what he takes to be a very important -- we all take to be a very important political career. i wanted to use the novelistic approach but i also wanted to have big themes by telling this story and what i figured i would do now is just kind of tell you about some of those big seams of interest to people who go to places like politics and prose and are
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm PST
aire las condiciones serÁn frÍas pero no lluvias, la lluvia mÁs cercana para oregon esfuerzos ten vientoss por la la misma circulas del este prÓximo martes, u el miÉrcoles tendrÍamos humedad en la regiÓn, y esas temperaturas de 53 grados. san josÉ tambien el centro de salud ambiental envÍo m env envÍo muestra de ropa y liquido, del quÍmico conocido coesto, lo niÑos estÁn vulnerables porque el sistema estÁ en sdefb yo, aÍi que los productos analizados fueron comprados entre lniÑos autistas >>> en temporada de frÍo es mÁs comÚn que la gente conos na alimentos altos en grasas. >>> vamos con fÉlix y un adelanto del joer univisiÓn >>> muchas gracias hoy autoridades en san diego veremos la conclusiÓn de la autopsia de va ley le disparara luego de ser a llorado por la mujer. su hÍgado estaba hecho de skants tom sfas verdad >>> mire un programa en la inglesa pero soy domingo gracias a dios. este domingo participe en las cÉsar chÁvez. arre go llegÓ el momento de conocer las historias, la editora de nuestro portal vanessa orrellana nos pone al tanto. >>> quÉ tal amig
Dec 8, 2012 2:30am PST
running. we cover from the mexican border to oregon and what we facilitate through the organization is we are embedded with the state of california through the last 60 years. we are in the cali complex, we have an mou with the secretary of cali and can bring resources from other companies in the field across all the disciplines for mutual assistance. we can stage, deploy and sit on situational awareness providing the state the information they need to posture a response and at the same time we can then be putting together the teams that are going to have to come in and support pg&e or other utilities that are in the stricken zone. we'll be calling on organizations from san diego to redding, we'll be calling on organizations outside the state of california that we have mou's with out of nevada and other surrounding states so that in the event an incident of this magnitude happens there is sufficient response personnel notified postured and deployed to keep a continuous line of assistance from the private municipal sector moving into the stricken area in san francisco to support and reco
Dec 7, 2012 10:00pm PST
. taking the storm track, shoving it up in to oregon and western washington. not for us. that will keep us rain free all the way till the top of next week and through the week with chilly mornings. the nights are long. it is december. you'll get afternoon highs in the mid 60s by sunday and monday. we'll have areas of morning fog. we're getting chilly at night. especially in the north bay tonight. next week toward the middle of the week we're trending colder but it's friday night. let's talk about the weekend. tomorrow, night day. oakland, 63. san jose, 63. santa clara, 63. hayward, fremont, low 60s. beautiful day in the north bay. santa rosa, 62 off the chilly m. how about downtown san francisco, 61 degrees tomorrow. couple of degrees milder on sunday. mid to upper 60s. monday and tuesday stay drive. e got a chance of showers. notice the temperature drop. that's a guarantee. it's going to get chilly by thie next year. that's your cbs 5 forecast. >> thanks, paul. >>> coming up after the break, a fond farewell to someone we're going to miss around here. we'll be right back. step away from
Dec 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
are trying to deliver. we have a corridor between eugene, oregon, and vancouver, british columbia. we have achieved in the last year up to 880,000 passengers and our growth is increasing year over year. we have invested over former to $80 million in the capital and operations and amtrak cascade which is what we call our program. it was not until the recovery act came that we were able to make significant capital and press structure improvement on the rail itself, pink, double tracking. all those amenities double benefit high and higher speed rail and more frequent service for passenger rail also has ancillary benefits to our freight rail a in our state. we are very trade dependent and one of the things we are careful about in not only updating our passenger rail program and plan for the feature is to look at both freight and passenger rail movements and how we can coexist in the same corridor together. that is our plant. we have received $800 million of the high-speed rail program money. we have five projects currently under construction with another of five coming in the next year. the im
Dec 8, 2012 3:00pm PST
, oregon. halfway through the second act, at long last, george shows up and the fractured city hall backdrop begins to fill with floating lights outlining the golden gate bridge and we hear tony bennett sing his legendary recording of "i left my heart in san francisco." and then the character of george, sometimes mouthing the words, sometimes singing them quietly, moves towards john without looking, for he cannot
Dec 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
means snow for washington and northwestern oregon but not for us. the storm track stays away. we will have chilly mornings with clear skies. highs well into the 60s all the way until tuesday of next week. that's how long we will be sunny as well. so, you will have morning fog away from the bit. next week we will see a pattern change but not until next wednesday. it will get a little cloudier, a little bit wetter, but much colder. enjoy the warm while you have it. average high, oakland, you normally hit 58 this time of year. instead, 63. concord, you're normally 53. tomorrow 61. san jose 63. redwood city, low 60s. the trivalley in the low 60s. pittsburgh antioch, low 60s. berkeley 62 for you tomorrow. coupledegrees milder on sunday with mainly sunny skies. we will stay mild monday and tuesday. there is your pattern change. chance of a couple showers. nothing too big there, but it will be much cooler with highs to mid to upper 50s. great news to report with our ski report. in heavenly, no new snow. a 50-inch lift there. kirkwood, with a 38 to 48-inch space. 60inches of show. a lot
Dec 8, 2012 7:00am EST
a vaccine you could make ahead of time in anticipation of these unknown strains. host: oregon. republican line. richard. go ahead. caller: my question is i have never had the flu shot, and i went to my local pharmacy. i checked in to the possibility of getting the shot for the first time in my life, and i find out that most of the people that work there have the flu, and they have already had shots. i did not understand. i'm serious. these people are sick, they got the flu and they got the flu shot, and i have not had the flu since i was a kid. guest: once again, a lot of the colds that people get during the flu season is not influenza. the best way to protect yourself from the flu is a flu shot every year. host: off of twitter the question -- why is the flu vaccine less effective in the elderly than in children? dr. frieden, is that the case? guest: yes, particularly in people whose immune system are weaker. we wish it were effected equally in all populations but it is clear that young people with more robust immune systems respond better. for the elderly, particularly people that are co
Dec 8, 2012 9:00am PST
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Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
the first proposed five high-speed rail routes in america and one of them was from eugene, oregon to vancouver, british columbia, and we will hear a bit later from paula hammond this secretary of transportation in my state, who will describe our progress, or lack thereof, small amount of progress in achieving those goals. but we're plugging away at it. this is not an easy thing. right-of-way issues are very problematic. the conflicts between freight and passenger rail. we need to invest time and effort in helping to work those things through. but die -- i do believe the american people want high and higher speed rail. california is trying something unique in terms of the new right-of-way. they're seeing difficulties about that has the promise of true high-speed rail, which can pretty much only come with new and dedicated right-of-way which is problematic and expensive. but i still believe that there's a tremendous market for this, and if done right, it will be something that future generations of americans will look back on and say they can't believe there was a day when we were w
Dec 8, 2012 9:00am EST
higher. that's a worrisome statistic host back shannon, portland, oregon, good afternoon. this is booktv on c-span2. >> caller: hello. i want to start off by saying you're a great men of integrity and it's a pleasure to talk to you. >> guest: thank you. >> caller: i'm an fdr democrat, and we have crossed the bridge before although obvious it wasn't quite as great a situation when it comes to the debt. when you're talking that $88 trillion. we know that money can't be paid back. we're just trying to purchase our way out of it. so, what's wrong with going back to what fdr did in doing large-scale infrastructure projects to put people back to work, what have a real living wage so that we can start to pay down the debt? >> guest: i don't think there's anything wrong with that but you can't do both. we don't have the money to do both. what you have to do is give back some of what we are doing to be able to do that. and remember, much of what we did under fdr was, we had a much larger component of labor than what we do today. if you think about building dams are building roads and building b
Dec 8, 2012 10:30am PST
department at the anglers lodge. what do you think about this? >> it is spectacular, travis from oregon, taught me a snake roll and a space cast. >> there are people from all over the world come to san francisco and say this is the place to be. >> yeah. it's amazing, we have teams from all over the world here today and they are thrilled. >> i flew from ireland to be here. and been practicing since for the competition. all the best casters in the world come here. my fellow countryman came in first place and james is on the current team and he is the head man. >> it's unique. will not see anything like it where you go to compete in the world. competitions in ireland, scotland, norway, japan, russia each year, the facilities here in the park are second to none. there is no complex in the world that can touch it. >> i'm here with bob, and he has kindly agreed to tell me everything i need to know about casting. i'm going to suit up and next, we're in the water. >> what any gentleman should do. golden gate angling has free lessons the second saturday of every month. we have equipment show up
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12